The International Relations (IR) Department of Istanbul Medeniyet University was established in 2011 and offers undergraduate and graduate programs that bring together different perspectives from all major fields in our discipline, including International Politics, Political History, International Law, International Economic Integration. The courses given also cover various geographic areas such as Africa, America, Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East, giving students the chance to focus on the politics of the areas they would like to study in detail. As of 2019, the Department has 20 full-time academic staff, including 6 full professors, 7 associate/assistant professors and 7 research assistants, who conduct research in the fields mentioned above and do their utmost to prepare the students for professional and academic life. The IR Department has graduate programs, as well. Since 2012, the students can apply to the department for a Master of Arts (MA) degree in International Relations, and since 2016, the Ph.D. program, too, accepts students. The department also offers a non-thesis MA program in International Relations. With its interdisciplinary approach and fully equipped research and teaching skills, the IR Department is determined to make a world of difference for its students who are in quest of a better future.